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“Buka ne Strajcë” – Healthy Eating


“Buka ne Strajcë” – Healthy Eating

Rrno për me gatue is a word game that chef Bledar Kola created based on Father Zef Pllumi’s geg dialect book “Rrno për me tregue”. Today a lot can be told through cooking; history, nature, the past and the future, all can be told through it. And so it happened that thanks to the initiative of chef Kola from “Mullixhiu” restaurant, I and many other well-known chefs and bloggers got together with a simple purpose and desire in our hearts, to present in front of the children and Albanian families different dishes, an easy and creative way of cooking.

Based on the worrying numbers that World Health Organisation has recently made public relating to the increase of obesity of Albanian children, we all thought to organize an event called “Buka në Strajcë”, which would last during the 4 Mondays of July and would be located in the amphitheatre at the Artificial Lake Park, Tirana.

“Buka në Strajcë” recalls to the old, but very pleasant tradition of preparing homemade food and packing it to go. Many might think the entire process as too annoying, going as far as calling it “outdated”, instead we tried to evoke to this simple but very healthy tradition, suited for everyone, especially children.

With simple instructions we brought dishes that can be prepared with few ingredients and with special but very simple techniques. The first presentation was by chef Sokol Prenga (Delikatesë pastry chef). He showed the recipe for stuffed crepes and egg and vegetables omelet. Then chef Bledar Koçibelli presented delicious cookies prepared with an ingredient not so ordinary (but very nutritious), such as rye, cinnamon and honey. Orana Sinani brought an old family recipe “peta e misrit” with wild cabbage and roasted sunflower seeds, while Oltion Veshi from “Koteci” restaurant presented an ancient grain called speltë (a type of wheat which does not contains gluten) prepared as a cold salad with chicken.

I presented the recipe for peach popsicles (find the recipe HERE). The last chef was Bledar Kola and chef Ariani from “Mullixhiu” restaurant who brought rye bread and cake with blueberries. The prepared and the freshly cooked food was enjoyed by the audience.

Dhurata Thanasi Daneri from Luga e Argjendtë (read more about her HERE) was the moderator of the event, which was supported by “Mrizi i Zanave”, Municipality of Tirana and Agency of Parks and Recreation.

As I mentioned before this was just the 1st Monday and 3 others are to follow. Do not miss the event! Come visit us at the Artificial Lake Park at 19:30 and let us all cook together!

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Photography by  Agency of Parks and Recreation

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