Healthy Raspberry Popsicle


This is the ideal time to enjoy to the maximum the local raspberries. These popsicles are so easy to prepare and can be a perfect recipe to activate the children in your kitchen. What better way than enjoy an ice cream which is prepared with so much love and whose ingredients you know are healthy and you might have even picked yourself.

These popsicles are healthy and can consumed even by people who are on a diet, just make sure to control the maple syrup measurement.

  • 25 grams of maple syrup keep the ice cream pungent and almost as sweet as the fruit itself. If you want it to be sweeter add more maple syrup (you can try it before pouring at the mold, as it is still liquid).
  • You can even replace maple syrup with honey.
  • You can sieve the raspberries after pureeing so you can get rid of the seeds, a step that I suggest and follow my own (this time I did not sieve the puree since it was an order from a client and it was his request).
  • If you do not have popsicle molds you can use plastic bottles which you can then break and take the popsicle out.
  • If you do not have silicone molds, prepare the popsicles and take them out of the molds when they are frozen. Wrap them with cellophane paper in order to store them for a longer time and have the molds free for more popsicles.

2RaspberryPopsicles 3RaspberryPopsicles 4RaspberryPopsicles




Cook the raspberries for a bit and add the maple syrup when they have gotten soft and have started to release their aroma.

*If you are using frozen raspberries add water and cook for longer until they have gotten soft.

Turn the heat off and transfer the mass in a bowl.

Let it cool down and then add the lemon juice.

Using a blender or a food processor, grind the mass until it is uniform.

If you want, you can pass it in a sieve to keep in the final ice cream only the juice of the raspberries.

Pour the mass in the popsicle mold.

Let it freeze for several hours or through the night.

7RaspberryPopsicles 8RaspberryPopsicles

Photography by Eranda Janku