Quince Compote


I cannot imagine this period of the year without mom`s compotes. Quince is my favorite flavor, maybe because it is the ultimate winter fruit we used to put in so many recipes since my childhood.

Compotes are actually quite simple juices and a very smart alternative way for your fruit intake. The fun part about this type of juice is that you can also eat the pieces of fruit floating in the cup!

  • If you want your juice to be not too sweet, feel free to add no sugar at all. The sugar amount noted below is calculated for medium sweet quince.
  • Up to your choice is also the addition of honey as a sweetener, but if you do that, make sure to add the honey after removing the juice from the heat.



Rinse the quinces and clean them from the seeds.

If the quince has clear skin, then you do not need to peel it.

Cut the quince in slices and then in cubes, sizing depends on your taste.

Put together in a medium size pot, quinces, water and sugar.

Boil in medium heat.

Test the hardness of the boiled fruit pieces with a fork; if the fork goes all the way through (but not with ease), turn the heat off.

*The fruit should be boiled but not over-boiled.

Add acid citric and let to cool off, or serve hot.


Photography by Eranda Janku