Healthy Oatmeal Tart


I have experimented a lot until I came with this recipe, which combines my top favorite breakfast ingredients: oatmeal, yogurt and chia seeds. It took me long to reach the texture and sweetness I wanted; but I can surely say that it was all worth it.

This healthy tart is ideal for a delicious breakfast and for which you don’t have to feel guilty.

The oat base is very crunchy after baking, but it will be the yogurt filling which will soften the tart base and give this recipe the final taste. Add the desired fruits on top.



In an average size bowl mix together greek yogurt, liquid yogurt and chia seeds.
Transfer the mixture to the fridge and leave until chia seeds have popped, or overnight.
Preheat oven to 176°C.
Put baking paper on the baking dish (I use a circular with a diameter of 28 cm dish, with side opening).
In another bowl cream together butter and brown sugar until the sugar is completely dissolved.
Add flour and whisk again. In the end add the whole oatmeal and mix with a silicon spatula or wooden spoon.
Lay the dough in the prepared baking dish and using the spatula or the back of the spoon open it evenly.
Bake until golden brown and set aside to cool down in room temperature.
After the base has cooled down completely, slice it in 12 portions (or more if you want smaller slices).
*This will make is easier to serve. The pie base will be very crispy at this phase but do not worry.
Add on top the yogurt mixture and store in the fridge for a minimum of one hour before serving.
Top it with the fruit of your choice and serve.

Photography by Eranda Janku