How to reduce food waste


Photos taken from Maurizio Di Lorio


Today is National Food Day and this year`s promo has the #ZeroHungerFuture, hailing to a 0 hungry people future. The goal is to provide a world of no food waste by 2030 and to establish a balance between waste and utter hunger.

Everything is possible if we act now, and that is why we want to help in the cause too, sharing some advice how to produce as less waste possible in your daily life.

We hope they are helpful and you too try to make a change.


  • Organise your shopping

It often happens to go in a little frenzy when shopping and we end up buying more products then we can consume in a few days – especially fresh foods which do not last long. That is why a great idea is to plan shopping around cooking plans. You can make a plan on your agenda and have a “to buy” list with you in order not to get distracted while at the supermarket and go overboard. This way you will have in your fridge all the ingredients you will need for your cooking and nothing more to let to rot and throw in the rubbish.


  • Put an order in your fridge

We often place the new shopped items right in front of the food already placed inside the fridge and so we forget all about what we already had there to cook. This creates more rotten vegetables and fruit or expired items. To avoid this, put an order in your fridge!


  • Fill up the freezer

The freezer is your best friend, and it always has some spare space for you. Prepare the food you will not consume right away and store it in the freezer. You can label the foods with their preparation date so you can also put some order in your freezer as well. I have to emphasize that storing food in the freezer (not just vegetables and fruit) is the best way to preserve the nutritional values.


  • Don`t throw away stale bread

Don`t think that just because the braid is not fresh and soft anymore the rubbish bin is the only one to deserve it. How do you think the breadcrumbs you buy in the supermarket are prepared? Leave the bread loafs to dry, grind it in a food processor or blender and store in a dry place. I always think of homemade meatballs when thinking of dried breadcrumbs!