Kikiliciouss Gift for St. Valentines


I am very excited about this article, as it was your suggestion for this month. I am glad to know that the two previous posts on gifts and ideas on your significant other had maximal interes and success. Many of you have asked me through messages and others have sent me photos of the bought products by the suggested brands, thanking me for the idea. I feel so happy to have helped!

As we had a lot of success with the gift boxes for Christmas and New Year`s, there were a lot of messages asking for a similar suggestion for St. Valentines.

It is why Kikiliciouss and 1 Fjongo Për Ty come with another collaboration, this time with an utterly sweet and special suggestion. This handmane, wooden box holds 5 big brownie heart-shaped cookies. The cookies can be left simple as seen in the photo or you can choose to write dedicated words to your partner on them. The choise is in your hands, and the realization is in ours. Finalised with simple heart details or red seal and your personal letter where you can write your personal dedication; this is an ideal gift for such an occasion.

What makes this gift even greater is the fact that after sharing your cookies with your loved one you can reuse the box for any purpose you want.

To order the box you can contact in our email address:

[email protected], Instagram or Facebook.

The final product requires some days to be prepares, as every detail is handmade, therefor we kindly ask you to put your order in advance, providing us with the needed time to create with the highest quality the details of your surprise gift.


Photography Eranda Janku