Kikilciouss Gifts for the Winter Holidays – Ep. 1


December is here and it has brought along our great desire to make gift to our loved ones.

In order to come to your aid, Kikiliciouss is presenting the opportunity for you to have a creative and original for your friends and family. Through our specialized gifts you can have the chance to taste some of the various homemade products we offer, combined with an element of surprise; authentic handcrafted decorations.

These posts separated in 2 episodes, come in their final form as a collaboration between Kikiliciouss and 1 Fjongo Për Ty. 1 Fjongo Për Ty is a new business, which dedicates attention to personalized artistic details, focusing on products such as notebooks and packaging. All of their products are handcrafted with a lot of emotion, making the entire process and final result so special. Click here to see more of their work and hurry up to order your own notebook!

The first gift we thought to bring to you on this year end, is a wooden box, which contains gingerbread cookies in festive shapes (like the gingerbread men). We always make sure to emphasize the visual impact of all of our products and this one was created with the aim of infesting everyone with the festive mood, and this makes it a great present!

What makes this gift even more beautiful is that after you are finished eating the cookies you can use it to store whatever you want, thus it does not lose its value and will be long remembered.

To order your box contact us on our email address: [email protected], Instagram or Facebook

The final product needs some days to be created, due to every element being created by hand, therefore we beg you to put your order in due time, providing us with the needed time to prepare a maximum quality products.

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Photography by Eranda Janku