5 Ideas On What to Gift Him This St. Valentines


I am very excited to share with you this post which shows – actually suggests – various, interesting ideas on what to gift your loved one this St. Valentines.

Before going ahead with our suggestions, I have to admit that my opinion on this celebration has radically changed. I used to have a firm scepticism on it (like why should be just show love and affection to a person for just one day, when we should do that everyday of the year), but now I have “softened” a bit and I think its actually cute to have a day dedicated to showing love excessively and be all “crazy, stupid love”. Although I have to state again, I think you love a person and you show your love all the 365/366 days of the year!

From the variety of gift ideas I decided to share with you the ones you can easily find in our market and the beauty of it all stands in the fact that they are “made in Albania”. I think it is important to have a good knowledge of what the Albanian market offers before heading to other products. I have achieved to this phase thanks to my curious nature and the desire to brake barriers, and I hope everyone starts to do this. I actually am initially quite sceptic on local productions (on items such as shirts, cosmetics, etc.) therefor I decided to try them on myself and have a better opinion on them before suggesting them on a post. I have to admit that in many cases (including the brands mentioned later on the post) my opninion has changed radically after purchasing the products, and not only have I become a regular client, but I strongly suggest them to my friends. Last year was filled with new connections and acquaintances which have brought me more happiness, inspiration and a new perspective on local production.

So here are our five gift suggestions for your loved one:


When choosing a gift for men, the shirt is always a good idea. All you need to do is pay attention to choose a good quality fabric (the fabric is highly important), to know the taste and style of your loved one and all will be simple as that. Today I want to introduce you to an Albanian brand, which has completely changed my opinion on locally produced goods. What is funny is that the shirts are actually produced here and exported to be sold in Italy! So why bother buy “made in Italy” when you can buy “made in Albania”?

CRIST Linea Uomo is a brand created since 1999 in Tirana. It is wellknown for the high quality “su misura”(tailored) shirts for men and women. In their shops you can also find products by the Italian brand “Pal Zileri”.


  • Organise a day together

It is often men who plan a romantic dinner out and what follows. What about being you the one to do it this St. Valentines? Be the one to decide free time in order to have everything centre around you two. You can book a table at a fancy restaurant and then follow up with drinks. Try to pick places that mean something to you as a couple or just a place he really likes. If you want to spice things up, send him a sms or even better, a note on his working table, stating the rules of the “game”. Let him wait for each note telling him what happens next, until you finally meet. Just like a treasure hunt, and yes the treasure is you! You can choose his outfit for the night (there goes the issue of matching) and have it ready for him to wear once home, followed by a note on where to meet you. We know men like to spoil their loved ones, but they love it even more when they are the spoiled party. Try to be as much creative and just have fun!


Expressing feelings through words has always been easier for females, perhaps because of the female nature.

This time 1 Fjongo Për Ty comes with a special idea, where everyone can find theirselves. The alphabet of love is a handmade notebook, on which you can write personal messages for your loved one, stories and memories you two have shared. You can add photos, jokes, and so create a treasure book, a precious gift from you to him, dear to both of you.


  • Just the two of you, away from the daily stress

It might be a luxury for many, but just try to make this a reality and you will not be disappointed. Take the day off, the both of you, and spend it as you like to. Some might prefer just staying indoors, turning the cels off (be unavailable for the rest of the world) and enjoy each other`s company in calm and serenity. Breakfast in bed included. Or you can opt for a getaway trip, away from all troubles and stress; you can make it a surprise or not, but the important is just to be together.


When choosing accessories for men, you have to be very careful and find the perfect one, otherwise he will not have that desire to have it on even though he will appreciate the gesture. What I like the most about Ariana Nila Jewelry work is the simplicity and dhe fine details. Almost all her works are personalised, making each one of them unique. Ariana works with silver (code “925”), due to its softness and it never looses its value. I suggest a pair of sleeve buttons or a keychain. So you can combine a shirt from CRIST Linea Uomo with the buttons and make it a double gift. You can personalise both gifts with name initials. This is not just a very manly gift, but very meaningful too.

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Photography by Eranda Janku