Virgin Banana Margaritas


A great refreshing drink which offers just the right mix of sour and sweet !

Ingredients :

120 ml freshly squeezed lime juice

lime wedges

Sanding sugar, for glasses

Ice cubes

3 bananas, peeled

50 gram granulated sugar

60 ml milk


Method :

Sugar-rim the glasses : rub a lime wedge around rim of 2 stemmed goblets

Fill a saucer with sanding sugar

Dip goblet, upside down, into sugar

Fill blender half full of ice cubes

Add lime juice, bananas, granulated sugar, and milk and blend

Taste for sweetness, feel free to add more sugar if you want

Blend a few seconds more

Pour into sugar-rimmed glasses

Serve immediately

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Photography by Eranda Janku, unless otherwise stated