Homemade “Rose Lemonade”

The “Rose Lemonade” drink has accompanied me through this summer’s hot evenings and I have endlessly liked its taste and freshness. I think and hope to not be the only one with such impressions.

I never actually thought on how to prepare it at home, maybe because some things (like this drink) are easier to just pour and drink it. However, it was my friend Ilir who told me how easily we could have this drink in our homes, without trying and enjoying it when we wanted.

You can use roses syrup or extract. Colonial prepares the extract itself and gave me a bottle to prepare this drink today for you.

  • In the case of the extract you will have to pour less as the taste is very concentrated. On the other hand if you use roses syrup that you easily prepare at home, you will have to add more in quantity, as the taste and the concentration are lower.
  • We are sharing 2 different ways how to prepare this drink, in case you have a shaker and when you don’t.



Tonic water

Roses syrup or extract

Ice cubes

Rose petals or raspberries/strawberries for decoration


Method 1:

In a shaker, place the first three ingredients and shake well.

Place the drink in the serving glass and decorate as desired.

Method 2:

Add tonic water to serving glass. Add the rose syrup/extract and then the ice cubes.

Mix lightly with a cocktail spoon and add the decoration.

Rose Lemonade 2 Rose Lemonade 3 Rose Lemonade 4


Photography by Eranda Janku

Sicilian Splash

Ingredients :

4-5 ice cubes

45 ml orange grape lime juice

20 ml mandarin Liquor

20 ml soda water

15 ml TripleSec and Gin


Method : Put all ingredients in a shaker and shake. Pour in the glass you’re using


Garnish : 1 slice of lime, lemon, orange and pomegranate

IMG_7444 IMG_7491


 Photography by Eranda Janku, unless otherwise stated 

Pink Panther

Ingredients :

5-6 cubes of ice

40 ml Roses Syrup (prepare your own roses syrup in here)

30 ml cream (strawberry)

20 ml Bourbon

10 ml Vodka

10 ml Malibu

Few drops of Granatina


Method :

Put all ingredients in a shaker and shake


Garnish : Slices of fruits such as strawberry, plum or pomegranate

IMG_5729 IMG_5737


Photography by Eranda Janku, unless otherwise stated 


Ingredients :

Tequila 35 ml

Contro 15 ml

Fresh cucumber juice 30 ml

A splash of fresh lemon juice

Chopped ice


Method :

Wet the top of Martini glass and then pour over some sugar-salt mixture

Pour chopped ice in

In a shaker put all the ingredients and mix

Pour the liquids in the glass with chopped ice


Garnish : Slice of lemon


Photography by Eranda Janku, unless otherwise stated 

Muzaka Mojito

Name : Muzaka is the Albanian region where watermelons are cultivated


Ingredients :

Chopped ice

4 cubes of lime

6 cubes of watermelon (the pink part : between white and red, this part is considered the most aphrodisiac fruit in the world)

fresh basil (4 leafs is enough)

1 tsp brown sugar

Rhum 50 ml

A splash of Sprite


Method :

In the cocktail glass you’re using put lime cubes, fresh basil and watermelon, pestle them together

Add sugar and stir together the ingredients

Add the chopped ice and then the liquids


Garnish : fresh basil

DSC_2367 DSC_2397


Today we were the guests of Destil

This great and refreshing cocktail was prepared from Kleantino & Florian

Photography by Eranda Janku, unless otherwise stated