Simple Homemade Donuts – Mom`s recipe


This has definitely been the most requested recipe on Kikiliciouss, and finally here we have a post for you. The secret to this recipe stands in the technique my mom uses, specifically how the dough is squeezed before being put in the hot oil.
It was not easy to bring this recipe in our usual format, because as you know moms cook using their eyes as measuring scales and so it was hard even for her to use proper measurements instead of just following her instincts.
But these donuts are so easy to make at home and unlike the other recipes, they require just a few ingredients and just a short cooking time.

Mom`s advices:

  • It is important to work the dough with a wooden spoon.
  • You have to check the dough with your eyes, cause this is the only way. Sometimes the consistency depends on the type of flour, and the dough might need more or less flour.
  • To be sure, make a trial with frying of the 2-3 first donuts.
  • To enjoy the donuts, serve them with white cheese or parmigiano, or homemade jam.

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Mix the lukewarm water with the yeast

Ad salt and flour and mix with a wooden spoon until you have a homogenic mass, neither too liquid or too hard.

Feel the dough with the wooden spoon to know it is ready.

Leave the dough bowl in bain-marie: put the dough bowl in a bigger bowl filled with hot water and cover it with a dish or cloth and wait for the dough to come (around 30 mins).

Fry the donuts in abundant medium-hot oil.

*Be careful: You don`t want the oil to be too hot otherwise the donuts will be uncooked in the inside.

Mom`s dough technique:

Use a small bowl with water (cold or lukewarm) to wet your hand and a table spoon from time to time.

Squeeze the dough with your hand and use the wet spoon to cut it.

Put in oil and fry until golden.

Pass the fried donut in a flat plate, covered with a paper to absorb the extra oil.

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Photography by Eranda Janku