Roses Syrup


This is probably one of the best things you will ever try. Refreshing, delicious and look what a beautiful color. I grew up with this drink. I remember how I used to collect the perfect roses from the garden with my grandfather and then go to the kitchen and prepare it with my grandmother. I would even eat some of those great tasting petals. This syrup is not only delicious and refreshing, but is also the secret ingredient to many desserts or cocktails. I will show you some of them in the coming weeks, but for now let’s enjoy and learn how to make this simple syrup.

  • I am preparing 2 liters of syrup (but I’m giving instructions for only 1 liter)
  • The key tip of this recipe: You must have roses with strong fragrance. You can’t prepare this syrup with store bought roses (as they are only decorative)
  • The key tip of reaching that lovely hot pink color: You need to have brightly colored roses
  • The citric acid accelerates the release of color and taste of the rose petals, also makes the syrup sour

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Put the rose petals in the bottle you are using

Pour water

In the end add citric acid and close the bottle

Set aside for 12-20 hours.

In the moment you notice that the syrup has reached that lovely color you know it’s done

After noticing that the syrup is done you must strain it in another bottle.

You can’t leave the syrup in the same bottle for longer because the roses with decay and you will end up with a bitter flavor (which means you can’t drink it)

When serving add as much or as little sugar you want

Enjoy !

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Photography by Eranda Janku, unless otherwise stated