Mashed Potatoes And Chicken


In my house we never served store bought mashed potatoes. For this I thank my mother. She always cooked this and other dishes herself, therefore I was raised by this spirit. Her recipe is not like the ones you can find of cooking pages and social networks. It’s definitely my favourite recipe, for it’s simplicity and taste. Today we decided to share this recipe with you, hoping this will replace the store bought version you might use and become part of your family menu.

  • You are free to add different spices to chicken and potatoes

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Cut chicken’s breast into filets if desired (optional)

Put it in a frying pan of medium depth

Add the olive oil, salt and half glass of water

Let them cook over medium heat

Turn over the filets time after time

Let them cook until they fry

Remove from the pan when they finish frying and set aside

In the same frying pan add diced potatoes

Add chicken concentrates and 1 liter water; if you have chicken stock on hand use 1 liter of that replacing this way concentrates and water

Let it boil in medium heat

Stir with a wooden spoon time after time

When you see that the potatoes have begun to soften and water has almost drain mash the undigested potatoes with the spoon

Pure-Procedure1 Pure-Procedure2 Pure-Procedure3


Photography by me