Healthy Pomegranate Jellies


Jellies are one of my favorite childhood snacks. But the store bought versions are filled with sugar, essences and artificial colors.

Why not be more creative and prepare them ourselves instead? The recipe is so easy you will be surprised. This would also be a great opportunity for you to share cooking with your children, make them part of the whole process and have a great time together. Not only will your children have a lot of fun, but they will get excited during the whole jellification process. It is obvious that they will be even happier by the time they get to taste the jelly they helped prepare.

This recipe is easily applicable for different tastes as well.

  • 3 gelatin sheets are equal to 2 table spoons of powder gelatin. Keep this in mind if you are using the powder version.
  • You can use different silicon or plastic molds. If you do not own any of them, do not worry, you can put the liquid in an open dish and then just cut the jelly in shapes and sizes as desired.

Healthy Jelly 2 Healthy Jelly 3 Healthy Jelly 5



Put the gelatin sheet in a dish with cold water and leave aside for it to soften.

You can easily prepare the pomegranate juice at home even if you do not own a squeezer. You just need to put the seeds in a zip lock pouch, make sure there is no air inside when you close it and the just crush the seeds with your fingers in order to get the juice out (this is an ideal task for your child).

Measure the pomegranate juice and in a pot mix together with honey and softened gelatin.

Cook in medium heat until the gelatin completely dissolves.

Pour the mass in the mold and wait 20-30 minutes until it coagulates.

After the jelly is completely coagulated, get it out of the mold.

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Photography by Eranda Janku