Fulia – Elbasan’s Traditional Dessert


I’m very happy to share with you a very special recipe and traditional in my country. Fulia is a traditional dessert and known only in my birthcity, in Elbasan. What makes this dessert so special is the history it carries.
“Long ago, this dessert was cooked when a child was born, exactly at the moment he was to be named. The mother of the baby`s father cooked two big desserts and kept one for her family while she gifted a portion of about 5-10 kg the other to the in law`s, who on the other hand gave pieces to the family members. The grandmother from the father`s side had a ritual during the naming moment. She crumbled some dessert in a plate and put a spoon in the middle of it, making it stay up in the midst of the crumbs, a gesture which indicated the wish for the baby to start walking soon. After a name was chosen for the baby, each family member ate a spoon of dessert from the plate and they also got a piece of dessert with them.”
This recipe I learned as a child, thanks to a very special person to me. To document this dessert, I went to my hometown and of course at grand Fiqerete’s house and together with her we made this Fuli for you today !

  • I suggest you use copper pan if you have on hand

01 Fulia 02 Fulia

Ingredients Fulia



Preheat oven to 180°C
How to make the syrup : in a saucepan add water, sugar and salt. Cook it in medium heat until sugar dissolves and the mixture end up boiling. Stir with a spoon time after time. In the moment the syrup comes to a boil, turn off the heat and set aside to let it lukewarm
In a large bowl put both types of flour and stir together
Add the lukewarm syrup and stir the mixture with a wooden spoon
Switch to hand mixing making sure that the flour has already absorb all the syrup
What you will notice in the end of this step is that the whole measure will be dry and crumbling (make sure that the lumps aren’t big)
Add the olive oil and start mixing again with the wooden spoon
Make sure that the whole batter is mixed with olive oil
It is very important to not press while stirring
Use a round 20 cm copper pan or a regular baking pan
It’s important for the desert to be thick, so a small baking pan for the mass is fine
You should use your hand to place the batter in the baking pan
Fill your hand with batter and place it in the baking pan, but do not press it while doing this
Try to put it evenly
Important step : use the pommel of your fingers to create a crumbling look
Do this gently and try to even the batter (if you haven’t done that in the step before)
Use the end of a wooden spoon as a knife
“Cut” the batter in big rhombus
As the dessert bakes it will close up a bit those marks we left with wooden spoon, but they will be visible
Bake Fuli for almost 1 hour
*There are many factors that effect on baking time. Sometimes it takes 35-40 minutes to bake, sometimes it takes the whole hour. When you see that the desert is coming reddish in the corners and golden in the center and also all olive oil has been absorbed, than it’s finished. If the desert took the whole hour to bake turn off the oven and let it rest for 2-3 minutes. If it took 35-40 minutes let it in for another 15 minutes
Take Fuli out of the oven
Let it cool completely
It may take from 1 up to 4 hours
It’s important for the dessert to be chilled before re-cuting with knife and taking the pieces out of the pan
-Do not use different cooling methods such as putting it in cold water or in the refrigerator.
Leave the dessert in room temperature until this step has finished

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Photography by me