Clean Ice Cream


People like tasty food but often this is not clean and healthy. This is a strange contradiction. Many people feel mostly stressed and in big dilemmas about that. So often many are justified by the logic that clean food doesn’t taste good at all. But who said that ? I fully disagree. In my daily practice in my kitchen I often opt for clean healthy recipes. And if these recipes are done with care, love and correct formula the final product can be as good and perfect as the usual sugar based formulas. Let’s use for example clean ice cream. It’s a good case because everybody likes ice cream but almost all consume it by regret that is not so healthy and dietic. But hold on there is hope…

This recipe has taste and texture of ice cream, but not the processed kind full of preservatives and sugar. t’s doesn’t have sugar (only natural one coming from fruit), cream or any diary at all ! And most importantly it is DELICIOUS ! You can eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  • If your blender doesn’t handle the frozen bananas, no worries ! Use them in room temperature and freeze the ice cream later. Read below in the instructions

IMG_7114 IMG_7126




Place frozen bananas (or not), peanut butter and cocoa powder into the blender

Blend until smooth

If you’re using frozen bananas it will be already good to eat, if not place in the freezer for a couple of hours until it has the consistency of ice cream

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 Photography by Eranda Janku, unless otherwise stated