Best Spinach Smoothie


Spinach, banana and avocado smoothie is my ultimate favorite. The reasons are used ingredients that are the ones I enjoy most and also the thickness of the smoothie.

I can ensure you that if you are not fan of spinach or avocado, this drink will let you start enjoying these healthy, nutritious ingredients.


  • You can use milk instead of yogurt if you don’t like adding yogurt in smoothies.
  • Water is added to dilute the concentration of the smoothie (hence the sugar and values) and also to make a runnier drink itself.
  • I suggest you add water after you have blended all other ingredients; this way the thickness of the smoothies is up to you.



2 bananas

1 avocado

2 handful of baby spinach

400 gram yogurt




Add all ingredients in the blender and pulse until smooth.

Smoothie is thick (personal taste) so add water to your desired consistency.

Enjoy right away.


Photography by Eranda Janku