5 things to do this Valentine’s Day


After the longest January, the “love month” is here. And yes, it is time to be showered with red hearts, pretty flowers and “sweet nothings”. I personally think every month should be love month, but hey, who did Valentine’s Day ever hurt? It is actually sweet to have a day to do all the little (or big) funny things.

At Kikiliciouss we value experiences above everything, so this year we are ditching the material goods and turning to making moments count. Keep reading our suggestions for 5 things you can do on Valentine’s Day for your loved one. I love all these ideas because they are really doable not just with a S.O but with every special person in your life.


  • Make breakfast for your S.O

If you both start work at a time that allows breakfast at home, take the time to start the day with a hearty meal. Valentine falls on a Thursday this year and leaving the comfort of a loved one’s arms to face the (possibly) rainy day will be a struggle, but it can also be a taste of what can await after the work day is done. There is nothing like a good morning to kick-start the day!

  • Send a flower and his/her favorite dessert on their lunch break for a sweet surprise

Make sure your S.O is okay with PDA because this will definitely put them on the spotlight with their colleagues. Are you struggling to choose the right not-over-the-top yet sweet and heartfelt dessert? DM @Kikiliciouss to find the perfect dessert for your S.O!

  • Getaway from the city for a picnic and stargazing opportunity

Sure, a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant is the traditional Valentine’s thing, but this year you can opt for the ultimate intimate dinner under the stars. Do pay attention to that weather app though (this is a dry weather “operation”) and unless you are going all in with a DIY yurt, we suggest you prepare for chilly weather. That might call for a fire, and actually a little camping fire might be a great idea. Bring a blanket to sit up on while eating the meal and to lay on and take in the starry night.

  • Do a DIY wine-tasting

Sometimes it is nice to be classy without having to act classy and just be comfortable in the intimacy of a loved one. Explore all the wine varieties but make sure to have food meanwhile (home-cooked or ordered), because you will still have to show a decent face at work the following day.

  • Getaway weekend

If you want to have dedicate longer than an evening to your S.O you can push the real “celebration” and actually take a whole weekend of celebrating. In this day and age, with everyone being so busy, it really can be seen as a celebration of time invested in each other. Kudos for making it work!


Pictures that don’t have “Kikiliciouss” logo are taken from Pinterest.